Technology Events

R Workshops

Enhance your Excel skills and gain that HD in your actuarial assessments! R knowledge is crucial in actuarial units across all years and companies often test applicants on their R competency. Come and discover all the know-hows through fun and interactive activities!


When: TBD

Where: Macquarie University 



r workshop2.jpg
Excel Challenge

By forming groups ranging from 2-3 people, you will be completing various excel related tasks using various techniques you have learnt throughout your university life.


When: TBD

Where:Macquarie University



Python Workshop

Introducing, for the first time, ASSOC's python workshop. With advancements in technology learning coding languages such as python is becoming more and more relevant. Our IT team aims to broaden students' horizons by equipping them with essential coding skills.

Where: TBD

When: TBD

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash