Committee Induction Day

It was a rainy Sunday and our beloved Cabinet planned to commence ASSOC Committee Induction Day at 9am. But with the weather, it was no surprise that people were still entering E5A 160 half an hour later.

The day began with a few icebreakers to make people feel more comfortable with each other. Chinese Charades was first. Our acting skills were put to the test as teams acted out memorable phrases that included:

  • Monkey gets hand stuck in a jar

  • Dog grabs meat and tears it apart

  • Running around like a headless chicken

  • Man gets shirt stuck on door

For morning tea, there were Anzac biscuits as well as tea and coffee. The sweets were topped off with an even sweeter gesture, celebrating our very own Committee member Sasi’s birthday.

Moving on to the next phase of Induction, we were sorted into different groups before we played another game, to further develop our creative thinking and teamwork skills. Our challenge was to build the highest tower using aluminium foil to see if actuaries do make good architects. (SPOILER ALERT: they don’t.)

"Think outside the box. Like, REALLY think outside the box. You'll get what I mean."

– Jonathan Ortiz

We couldn’t simply use the roof to hold up our towers without thinking about aesthetics, as points were given for beauty as well. About 10 minutes had gone by and the towers started to emerge. At this point it was well and truly evident that beauty really did lie in the eye of the beholder… Some groups’ towers ascended near to the roof whilst others were barely standing upright – they even put the Leaning Tower of Pisa to shame.

Little did the groups know that there was a plot twist lurking right around the corner. It was announced that each group had to rotate clockwise and continue the work of the previous team. For some, this was a blessing, but for others, a curse.

A few games of Pictionary followed, and drawing skills became irrelevant once we heard the words given by Kushan and Jozeph.

  • New Delhi

  • Jim Farmer

  • Tommy Hilfiger

  • Curiosity killed the cat

  • Transformers

  • Annuities

For lunch we ate pizza (with vegetarian options too) and soft drinks.

After the well-deserved break, Anika and Hamid talked us through the various techniques involved in making an awesome lecture announcement. There was an emphasis on the differences in what is said to 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. With those tips, we were given 40 minutes to make a PowerPoint presentation advertising the 2015 CommBank Workshop.

"I had a med interview last year, and one of the questions was 'Can you tell us about a time you have helped your friend?' and I never really thought about it, so I didn't have anything to say, and I said "No." I don't want to make that mistake again. I want to know what to say."

- DongHwan Kim

Up next was a Photoshop workshop, in which Photoshop wizard Frances provided some sagely advice. We were taught the importance of rasterising layers, and we learnt how to use the magic wand tool and change the tones in a photo, as well as many other useful editing techniques. After the workshop, we were given an old poster and asked to improve it using our newly acquired skills.

One of the crowd favourites was

After some goodbyes and a hearty send off by Hamid, the day came to an end, with most groups having short meetings afterward, and some staying back for some aluminium foil cricket, to relax and unwind.

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