A Monthly Manual for First Years


Fresh out of high school - the post HSC holidays are over, and it’s already the first day of O Week. You end up at the stall right in front of the building called MUSE. There’s a long line that you join, not really sure of what’s at the end. A few minutes pass and you’re greeted with smiles and a few people in red T-shirts looking up at you. They ask if you want to sign up for ASSOC, telling you it’s the Actuarial Students’ Society of Macquarie University. You fish out $10 and put your name down, surprised when you’re given some freebies: iPad/laptop cases, pens, notepads, and canvas bags - from the companies you may be working for one day. You’re grateful and take all you can get.


A week will pass, and during your STAT171 lecture, two boys in the same red T-shirts will make an announcement about the PWC Welcoming Barbecue. The anticipated monotony of the lecture has dulled your senses as all you hear is, ‘blah blah blah ASSOC blah blah – but wait, what is that you hear. The words, ‘FREE FOOD’ escaping from the lips of the ASSOC gentlemen and making its way into your ears, accompanied by the sound of an orchestra, as you awaken from your slumber. You go, since you can’t resist the temptation of sinking your teeth into the succulent body of our very own ASSOC sausages, freshly made by the ASSOC S.E.T chefs. Since it will only have been a few days since the start of Semester 1, you will still be shy and might not have had luck with finding any friends. Never fear, ASSOC will be here. Beware of the 2nd years – they will try and convince you that they have the biggest struggle. The 3rd years however, will tell you that they are lying, and that it just gets worse. Remember to stay strong and believe in yourself. April

The competition will always be present in this course, however, it’s not always about academics. If you have special skills in soccer that you would love to showcase, this would be a good chance. Get a team together for the PwC Soccer Competition.


By choosing this degree, you are setting yourself up nicely when it comes to finance. You could get a head start though, with ASSOC’s Poker Night. If you play your cards right, you could win a whopping $250. Remember that you could use this money to fund ASSOC Camp and JASS Ball tickets. Or to fund your ever growing meth empire.


The ASSOC Committee will be kind enough to organise a camp after your stressful finals. Any traumatic thoughts from STAT171 or MATH132 will surely be forgotten in these EPIC 3 days! Fundraising is a major part of this event and remember, the more money you spend at these stalls, the less you’ll have to spend for Camp tickets. Here is a tip – buy your tickets in the first week of the selling period. They will be the cheapest you can get them for. Afterward, they will be $5 more, and an additional $10 if you aren’t an ASSOC member. Wait hold up, let’s do the maths here. An ASSOC membership for life is equal to $10, while every ASSOC Camp and Jass Ball that you’ll attend will be an extra $10 if you aren’t a member. So either way, you will get that $10 back if you become an ASSOC member!!! You might be scoffing now, but throughout the year, as a poor university student, you will learn about money’s magical ability of disappearing very quickly, especially with all the food in the University’s and Macquarie Centre’s food courts.


Why go to ASSOC camp? It’s true what they say, what will happen at ASSOC Camp will stay in ASSOC Camp. This will be a perfect opportunity to befriend some lovely older years, whom you might never have seen before. The bonds made here will be special… no, not government bonds. Some good memories will be made (and sometimes forgotten) here, I promise.

September As you persevere through the next semester, your brainpower will begin to peak – but don’t forget to train your body too. You’re in luck, because the basketball competition is just around the corner. Find out which ASSOC member is the next Kobe Byrant. Or maybe you could just show everyone what you’re made of.

October Ever dreamed of meeting your Prince Charming or dream girl at a ball? Don’t lie - Disney gave you unrealistic expectations. October could be the month you get lucky. JASS Ball is where it’ll be at. Not only will you meet the stunning students from Macquarie, you will have the chance to mingle with the actuarial kids from UNSW too. Not sure what pickup lines to use? Keep an eye out for Issue 1 of ASSOC’s magazine, Actualite. Once again, it will help to be an ASSOC member, as you will save $10 on tickets.

November Just before finals, you might miss your Cabinet and Committee members. The Annual General Meeting will be held in this time, and would be a perfect opportunity to thank everyone for the opportunities they’ve provided you with. You will feel a heavy amount of nostalgia, and laugh together as you remember the good times.

December If you choose to try and become a Committee member, which I hope you do, this will be when you give your speech and attend your interview. Don’t panic. It will only be a little bit nerve-wracking. Remember your goal. You want that red shirt. It might be something to do with the need for a sense of belonging. You never know how much can change in a year.


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