World's Greatest Shave


This year, over 12000 Australians will be given the devastating news that they have leukaemia, lymphoma, melanoma, or a related blood disorder, and each March, over 150,000 people get sponsored to shave or colour their hair to fund research for these blood disorders.

ASSOC, as one of these groups who unwaveringly donate to the World’s Greatest Shave each year, had a stall outside the Campus Hub on the 11th of March. Macquarie University’s local hairdresser shop ‘Hair Talks’ were kind enough to lend a helping hand in the name of charity, as they shaved students’ hair for free.

Our first brave volunteer was a girl from Macquarie Uni Village. “I saw posters around the deck and I thought I’d come down,” she enthusiastically said. “I needed a haircut anyway… I thought donating $5 was cheaper than what I’d pay at a hair salon… It’s also for a good cause,” she explained as she admired her edgy new undercut. You can’t beat that logic!


Hundreds of students got their hair sprayed – there was a sea of purple, gold, red, yellow, blue and silver, which covered the black, brown, blonde and ginger hues of hair in patterns of stripes and spots. Danny Le was the first ASSOC student of the day to get his head shaved – an unexpected volunteer. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing – “I’ll do it if you do it” was one of the most popular phrases heard in earshot that day. Kieran was intially the only one who had intentions of having his head shaved that day. The next victims were Benjamin Nguyen, and Kevin Xu ; together with Danny and Kieran, they created the awesome foursome.


“Only miss your hair when you let it go.”

– Benjamin Nguyen humming to the tune of the popular Passenger song, ‘Let Her Go’.

It was a new experience, and apparently a very liberating one too. The boys constantly ran their fingers through their hair – the little of it that remained - as they pondered over the fresh feeling.

Moustaches and beards were also shaved, joining the long list of hair victims. The brave men that had to let go of their precious facial hair made many heartfelt goodbyes. #looking12onceyoushaveyourbeard

As time passed, the crowd grew and the concrete below the chairs gradually vanished under locks of hair. More people joined the circle, watching intently before giving in to getting their hair coloured or even cutting their own hair.


Our own President, Hamid Akbary, made one of the biggest sacrifices of the day getting his chest waxed - all in the name of the World’s Greatest Shave. The laughter was contagious – as strangers saw the torture he was subjected to, they wanted a piece of the action and seized the opportunity to wax Hamid’s chest themselves. This was so popular that everyone paid $5 to secure their strip – some keen individuals even paid $10 for the coveted double strip action.


“I wasn’t brave enough to shave but I was brave enough to wax. I would like to thank all those who donated for an opportunity to have a rip. The pain was temporary but the effect your donations will have on the lives of those affected will be everlasting.”

– Hamid Akbary reflecting on the memorable experience.

The success of the event can be attributed to the valiant efforts of: Crystal and Yarline’s numerous chalk signs outside MUSE, Addison and Anita’s unrivalled efforts with approaching naïve 1st years and by-standing university students asking for donations, and Samantha’s Spotify playlist blasting throughout the courtyard. Of course, Project Manager Satwik’s ability of overseeing every snippet helped the event run as smoothly as possible. It was no surprise that the World’s Greatest Shave was such a prosperous event, with an amazing grand total of $515 being raised for The Leukaemia Foundation.

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