EY Games Night


We were greeted by the Fundraising team at the door, with raffle tickets, Mentos and chocolates in their hands. Free food - this was going to be a good night. It was a wonderful opportunity for first, second and third year students to mingle within their assigned teams, with many meeting each other for the first time. Representatives from our sponsor, EY, also joined the fray.

When everyone had settled down, the Social Experience Team outlined the planned events, emphasising the rules as clearly as possible. After all, no one knows how rowdy a room full of over 50 Actuarial students can get.


“There is gonna be a game throughout each of the games… like game-ception.”

– Zihao Xue

The game in question was a murder mystery, a classic ‘Who-dunnit’ to get everyone energised yet paranoid. Each group was given a certain persona in the murder scenario, along with a long wall of text that was almost as extensive as the Australian life tables. Some clues were also given along the way in between the less major games. Points were awarded for those who could guess who the murderer was as well as the motive. Shaune and Jaeris expertly deciphered the clues and accumulated the most points for their respective teams.

Pictionary was the first official game of the night. Creativity was truly put to the test, with outrageous terms such as Tony Abbott, Binomial Theorem, Macquarie Uni gym, and Mars being a few words which had to be drawn.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up dominated the scene as the next minigame. With decks such as celebrities, fruits, accents, animals and movies, it was no surprise that this would be a hit. Timing, anticipation, and patience was what caused the competition between teams to rise exponentially. Harsh accusations of cheating were flung across the room like grenades in a battlefield. An all-out brawl was ensuing as friendships were tested during this highly controversial game. Banter died down as the game ended, and we all moved on.


The next game in line was Mashed Up. Pictures of celebrities with dramatically photoshopped faces were displayed on the screen. We had the chance to see our celebrity crushes Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Akon, Brad Pitt in a way they had never been seen before (unfortunately).

With some hopes of winning being crushed, many were relieved when dinner was about to be served; after all, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Comfort food was pizza with soft drinks. The best part - this was all free.

The games slowly came to an end with an icebreaker – similarities and differences.

An award ceremony followed, for the top three winning teams. Chiara ended up being the lucky one who won the raffle draw (and all its lollies and chocolates). This was followed by an even sweeter gift, as a beautiful Maltesers cake covered in thin, rectangular, white chocolate pieces was presented to ASSOC members Ben and Frances, to celebrate their birthdays.

Of course, this event would not have been possible without the hard-working Social Experience Team led by their Project Manager Nicola. It was their effort and creativity which made EY Games Night a success.

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