You know you're an Actuarial student when...

  • No one’s heard of your degree, so you try explaining it to them. Once that fails, you either say the other half of your double, mention it’s about insurance or just lie completely – it’s just easier that way!

  • On the rare occasion they do know what actuarial studies is, the standard response is “you must be good at maths!’

  • The 2nd and 3rd year actuarial students always try and scare you with recounts of how difficult their units are compared to 1st year units. Unfortunately, you will discover these rumours to be true.

  • If you didn’t do economics in high school, you wish you did.

  • You hate yourself for doing actuarial studies after you find out people doing STAT170 do literally half the topics you do in STAT171.

  • You’ve worked together with other students on ACST212 and ACST202 quizzes, despite instructions saying “no human help can be sought”

  • You’re the best looking girl in the tutorial. You are also the only girl in the tutorial. But no one needs to know that last part.

  • There’s always a genius in each year. No need to name them as you already know him/her.

  • All your MATH and STAT individual assignments end up being ‘group’ assignments.

  • At the beginning of every semester (for some units) you get statistics on EVERYTHING. This includes: correlation between midsemester marks and overall grades, the skewness of final marks, the horrifying numbers of people who “only” got Passes.If you don’t know these statistical terms, then I’m afraid I have some bad news for you…

  • You often hear the condescending phrases “this is just high school maths” and “general maths students have trouble…” in your ACST212 lectures. “This concept scared the Arts students away” is also a favourite.

  • Horror stories at camp are predominantly based on ACST212 and Jim Farmer’s negative marking scheme.

  • ACST101 is a breeze (and often not regarded as a unit by some). In fact, your marks for the ACST101 class tests are almost 40% higher than the cohort average.

  • Working with non-actuarial students on the ACCG106 and AFIN252 group assignments means that you do all the work - alone.

  • You frequently go to the numeracy centre but the tutors can’t help you because MATH132 and MATH133 are too “advanced” ;)

  • A Distinction would be nice. A Credit is a must. A Pass is a nightmare. And a Fai--- we do not speak of the F word

  • Your backup plan is investment banking. In fact, with the knowledge and skillset you have, you could probably excel at any profession.

  • What motivates you to maintain your GPA is your fear of getting an email from a certain lecturer asking you to leave the course.

  • You’ve undoubtedly heard of the infamous Jim Farmer and the legendary David Pitt.

  • You often contemplate how easy life would be if you didn’t do Actuarial Studies

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