You know you're an Actuarial student when... (Part 2!)

  • The most physical activity you get each year is at ASSOC’s Amazing Race.

  • Posting a question in the ACST212 forum on iLearn is one of the most daunting things ever – Jim Farmer reads every post. EVERY. SINGLE. POST.

  • ACST152 has made you an Excel Wizard.

  • Your friends refer to you as “that person who is good at maths.”

  • A Pass in exemption units is as disappointing as a Fail.

  • The best part about ASSOC’s O Week and Macfest stall is the bag of freebies

  • On Macquarie Confessions, you as a group have received hate for being in your course.

  • You often dream about how easy your life would’ve been as a Commerce or Accounting student.

  • Your HSC Mathematics knowledge is rendered obsolete in the first 3 weeks of your degree.

  • Financial calculators are unnecessary for AFIN252.

  • You do STAT175 as your Planet elective despite the legend saying ISYS100 is the easiest.

  • You’ve always attended MPN, Meet the Professionals Night. (Which is only 3 weeks away from now!)

  • JASS Ball is the highlight of Session 2.

  • Half your Facebook notifications are from ASSOC.

  • No one reads Grapeshot – Actualite is where it’s at.

  • You’ve tricked other students into picking ACST units as electives.

  • Struggling through assignments formed friendships.

  • You consciously and subconsciously KNOW that ASSOC is better than ASOC!

  • If you’ve ever gone to an ACST101 lecture, you’ve left early. Sometimes twenty minutes, sometimes two hours.

  • LOLJKS, the only times you’ve attended ACST101 lectures were for the class tests.

  • Instead of cringing like non-actuarial students when you hear “ACST101,” your eyes light up because you would love if all your units were that easy.

  • You own business attire even if you don’t work, because you need it for ASSOC careers events.

  • You’ve pulled multiple all-nighters with the false hope of being ‘prepared’ for finals.

  • Your marks are always a surprise.

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