What not to say during an interview

Pr(facing an interview) = high.

Pr(completely ruining your chances of getting a job by saying really unprofessional things | facing an interview) = also quite high.

I’m not here to tell you what you should be doing in preparation for an interview; that’s what ASSOC events are for! However, you might make a small mistake and accidentally (on purpose) say something that jeopardises your chances of going further in the recruitment process. Don’t worry, only the best of us can survive such awkward situations ;) Either way, it will be helpful to know the some of the things you should definitely not bring up if you are offered an interview, so I’ve compiled a list of things to steer veeeery clear of.

Before anyone inboxes me - no, my Snapchat username is not sexyassocwarrior15. (It’s assocprincess15.)

  • “Does Quantium have Snapchat like CommBank does? If you do, can you add me, my username is sexyassocwarrior15.”

  • “Umm, I’m like, totally keen for this.”

  • Nothing says confidence like crying when asked what your weaknesses are.

  • Or pretending you don’t have any weaknesses. Or saying “I’m a perfectionist.”

  • “I got fired from my last job.” Be a little less upfront about it.

  • If they ask what went wrong, do not be defensive and say “it wasn’t my fault.”

  • “I don’t really want a job, but Centrelink needs proof that I’m looking for one.”

  • “So what exactly does this company do?”

  • “What’s your WIFI password?”

  • “How long can I go on holiday for?”

  • “Look, I haven’t had lunch yet so do you mind if I eat this burger?”

  • “Why is this position vacant? What did you do with the last person?”

  • “I’m going to sit in this chair until you hire me.”

  • “I don’t mind doing whatever.”

  • “What’s my greatest achievement? Oh, I once ate 6 plain Weetbix in under 5 minutes” (Shout out to ASSOC Amazing Race)

  • “How come Optiver doesn’t care about professional attire?”

  • “I’m really nervous.” Project some self-confidence instead!

  • “No, I don’t have any questions for you.…”

  • “This one time at band camp…”

  • “How long do you think this will last?” Definitely longer than the time you will spend working for this company.

  • “Wanna have an arm wrestle?”

  • “I know I’m the best candidate.”

  • “My hobbies? I can breakdance… wanna see?”

  • “Yeah nah or nah yeah?”

  • “I’m just applying here for the cute guy/girl in your advertisement.” Yes, their marketing was effective, no, you didn’t need to tell them that.


  • “Does my hair look good?” Come on, you should have checked yourself when you took a ~pre interview~ selfie.

  • “It’s on my resumé.”

  • “What does PwC stand for?”

  • “What does EY stand for?”

  • “Let’s just ignore the fact that I’m wearing one shoe… the other one got stolen on the bus”

  • “Could you please take a picture for me? Since I won’t be getting the job, I don’t think I’ll be coming here again.”

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