Careers Events

Careers Fair 


Careers Fair offers an excellent opportunity to hear from professionals about being actuary. This year, our sponsors include. Deloitte, EY, Finity, KPMG, PWC, SKL, Taylor Fry and . If you are interested in this particular expertise, or looking for the right companies to apply for your internship/graduate roles, you wouldn’t want to miss this event! Even if you are unsure what the Actuarial degree entails, this is still an excellent opportunity to enquire about future career prospects and gather valuable information. 


When: Semester 1 Week 3

Where: Maze, Conference room D

Careers Workshop


The CommBank Careers Workshop involves three interactive workshops being run by recent graduates and employees from large firms in today’s financial world. It gives students the chance to hone soft skills that are highly valued by employers when shortlisting the best candidate.


The event comprises of a series of workshops followed by a networking session. Attending the CommBank Careers Workshop is sure to give you a competitive edge when applying for the job you desire.


When: Semester 1 Week 10

Where: TBD



Deloitte Critical Thinking Competition


This competitive event fast tracks participants’ public speaking, analytical and problem solving skills in a series of knock-out debating rounds. The final round is held in the Deloitte headquarters where the final two teams are adjudicated by Deloitte representatives.


Along with a cash prize, the winning team is given the opportunity to network with the Deloitte judges with the accompaniment of lunch.  The experience and skills gained in this environment are extremely valuable in obtaining an internship or graduate position.

When: Semester 2 Week 2-4

Where: ??


Meet the Professionals Night


The flagship night of ASSOC’s career offerings, Meet the professionals night is one fo the most anticipated events on the ASSOC calendar. The event provides a great opportunity for students, especially in their first and second year, to explore the actuarial career in great depth. By hearing from reputable professionals from Quantium, Deloitte, Finity, Willis Towers Watson, Optiver and PwC, it is a chance to learn more about the wide variety of industries offered once completing university. There is also a chance to network with the speakers afterwards. It is definitely a must attend event for those wanting a better insight into actuarial-related careers.


When: Semester 2 Week 5

Where: TBD  

mock interview.jpg
Mock Interview


‘ASSOC alumni, and Macquarie University careers staff are invited on campus to conduct psychometric testing, group case studies and interviews, which provides students with practice and insight into the assessment centre stage of graduate recruitment. This event is suitable for all students and specifically those who would like to refine their skills for upcoming graduate and internship placements. There will be both one-on-one interviews and group tasks to help better prepare students for their future careers.


When: Semester 1 Week 12

Where: Macquarie University 



MLC Case Study 


This event is the first time collaboration with MLC Life Insurance to give students three weeks to solve a case study by forming a team of 3 to 4 members.  This gives the perfect opportunity to put their knowledge to test. During the process, students will improve not only their understanding about life insurance industry, but will also help develop their research skills and presentation skills. 


There will be a strong focus on how to work in a collaborative environment in order to solve the case study problem, effectively enhancing teamwork skills of those who participated. 

For more details, please refer to our Facebook event page.


When: 7th July- 11th August 

Where: Launch at Macquarie University, Final round at MLC North Sydney office