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ASSOC Committee

Our Committee team involves a hands on and exclusive experience. The ASSOC Committee is the backbone of the society and at the front line of our community engagement. Our members work tirelessly and dedicate their effort into ensuring their allocated events are perfectly executed. As a committee member you'll be working behind the scenes of our events, collaborating with a team and possibly our sponsors. To bolster your chance to be apart of the cabinet team be sure to apply and join our committee team.

If you're interested in joining the committee team please feel free to fill in an expression of interest form.

I have learnt a lot about leadership and teamwork during my time as a committee member. In direct participation of organising career and social events and being the one with the brains behind all the details you really train yourself all round in the qualities that employers desire. 

— Anna Hou, Ball and Mock Interview 

Being apart of the ASSOC Committee gave me many amazing experiences, one of which was participating in the Futsal Competition. Collaborating with ASOC, we got to see other actuarial students outside our uni which was exciting.

— Pius Yun, Basketball and Charity

ASSOC is all about taking the university experience beyond the academic field. We are committed to facilitating the holistic development of our members and to providing you with a memorable and enriching university experience. Socially, you will get the chance to meet peers from diverse backgrounds and forge life-long friendships with people you will more than likely be working alongside post-university. Professionally, we aim to equip you with the soft skills you will need in the workforce, such as teamwork, communication, organisation, and many more.

A leadership position on our Committee or Cabinet will provide you with all these things and much more, but how can you go about ensuring your spot? What will set you apart from the other applicants that will guarantee you the position you seek?

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