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ASSOC is all about taking the university experience beyond the academic field. We are committed to facilitating the holistic development of our members and to providing you with a memorable and enriching university experience. Socially, you will get the chance to meet peers from diverse backgrounds and forge life-long friendships with people you will more than likely be working alongside post-university. Professionally, we aim to equip you with the soft skills you will need in the workforce, such as teamwork, communication, organisation, and many more.


A leadership position on our Committee or Cabinet will provide you with all these things and much more, but how can you go about ensuring your spot? What will set you apart from the other applicants that will guarantee you the position you seek?


Become a Delegate! If you are in your 1st or 2nd year at Macquarie and are looking to get more involved with ASSOC, then becoming a Delegate is a great way to start. As a Delegate, you will be given the opportunity to assist both behind-the-scenes and at the forefront of some of our events held throughout the year, ensuring they run smoothly. You will receive first-hand experience in the organisational side of ASSOC, as well as the unique opportunity to meet and mingle with some of our Sponsors at various careers or sporting events. It is the crucial first step towards a successful mini-career within ASSOC!


To learn more and sign up, simply come to our Annual Delegate Meeting held in March each year. Or, if you miss the meeting but still want to get involved, send an email to to express your interest!

ASSOC Delegates

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