Sports Events

Poker Night

The infamous AMP Poker Tournament pits members against one another for the coveted title of ASSOC Poker Champion and to receive the alluring cash reward. It is a great way to socialise, have fun and put your bluffing abilities to the test. This event will be an exhilarating and mind boggling war between all of Macquarie University’s brightest students, so do you have the skills and poker faces to become the next champion?  


When: Semester 1 Week 7

Where: Macquarie University 




This competition is the perfect chance for members to take a study break and showcase their competitive spirit in a friendly game of soccer against ASOC, UNSW’s Actuarial Students’ Society.


The combined event is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with Actuarial students from both universities, as well as pick up or improve on your soccer skills. There are no skill level requirements to play, so we welcome people of all abilities! 


When: Semester 1 Week 6

Where: Marrickville, PCYC 

bball comp.jpg
Basketball Competition


This intensive competition has always been pitting ASSOC against ASOC in a series of basketball matches. Whether you are Kobe Bryant 2.0 or have never played basketball, this sports event will be sure to bring out the fun and competitive side of you.


Form a group and join the actuarial version of the NBA, and enjoy your time alongside your actuarial peers on and off the court.


When: 24th of July

Where: UNSW Building B5 Gate 2



EY Pool Competition


Actuaries are known for their mathematical and analytical ability, and this event allows for students to put them to good use as angles are calculated to make the next sink. The EY Pool competition allows all members, regardless of their ability, to have an enjoyable day amongst fellow ASSOC members as well as EY representatives in a competition to win the cash prize. 


When: TBD

Where: TBD  



EY pool comp 2019.jpg