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Sports Events

Poker Night

The infamous Poker Tournament pits members against one another for the coveted title of ASSOC Poker Champion and to receive the alluring cash reward. It is a great way to socialise, have fun and put your bluffing abilities to the test. This event will be an exhilarating and mind boggling war between all of Macquarie University’s brightest students, so do you have the skills and poker faces to become the next champion?



ASSOC Bouldering


Flaunt your problem solving skills or your raw physical strength on the boulder wall this year. ASSOC is starting things off with something fresh and exciting. Bouldering is an individual sport with majority of the competition being between the wall and yourself. That being said, there’s plenty of room for socializing, for creative solutions and for competitive banter. Whether you power your way through or outwit the climb, come and enjoy yourself. It’s going to “rock”.


Image by David Pisnoy
bball comp.jpg
ASSOC vs ASOC Basketball


We are bringing back our inter-university competition once again for all of us to take a break from the actuarial grind and showcase our competitive spirit in a friendly game of basketball. The combined event is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with Actuarial students from both universities, as well as to test your basketball skills. It’s gearing up to be an exciting event, so pick out your teams and we’re going to have a ball.


When: 15th May 2022



Pool Competition


Actuaries are known for their mathematical and analytical ability, and this event allows for students to put them to good use as angles are calculated to make the next sink. The Pool competition allows all members, regardless of their ability, to have an enjoyable day amongst fellow ASSOC members.




EY pool comp 2019.jpg
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