President's Blog June 2022

Camp Exclusive…

Hello and welcome dear readers to the President’s blog post for June 2022!

June was exam month. So… nothin’ much to report really.

Just a whole bunch of stressful nights and sodden eyelids. Yup, just an empty month. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, actually, there was one thing:

ASSOC CAMP. Positioned just after the exam block. How coincidental.

A Long-Lost Friend

It had been 1098 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and about a second since the last camp in 2019 (don’t fact-check). It had been so long that none of the principal organisers had been to an ASSOC Camp before – myself included. With all of that being said, the event pushed on through half a year of planning to the eventual launch at the end of June.

So, what was it like? Well, I’ll let these photos do the talking but *inhale*: Chilly fingers, good company, cavemen distracted by the making of fire, games that make people a little more confident, mountain views, ocean views, home brand that surprisingly becomes more delectable as the days wear on, singing that unsurprisingly becomes less delectable as the days wear on, the quest for a bushwalk that isn’t bogged down, my trusty mop, phones as table tennis paddles, the estranged state of sleep, a clear night sky turning all the Sydney people into tourists, all under the backdrop of a giant metal contraption giving its absolute best in trying to hurl people into a gorge. Oh, and we’re still waiting on games night – I get the feeling like it’s running a touch late.

Slice of Life